The life

The Life is so unpredictable,

Where even the belief networks fail.

The Life dwells between partial truth, the fuzzy logic,

Where the truth value may range between completely true to completely false.

The Life is somehow like soft computing,

Where there is no known algorithm that can calculate an exact solution.

The Life can’t be bound in all these computation and logics,

Its ‘unpredictability’ is making it stand far ahead of the time.


For the Love of writing

When you have nothing in your mind and you still wanted to write, and even the words cooperate with you and keeps flowing from your mind, sometimes synchronized, sometimes not but it just keep coming one after the other because of which see I had written 46+ words which are having some meaning maybe or maybe not but that what is the beauty of writing..  


Do you enjoy solitude? Or you do find it bad and boring? Unattractive and zero work kind of thing? What is solitude is for you? How do you define solitude?

For me it’s a time or the state for being with yourself, just you and yourself no one else is there in between that. It’s the time when you are being you. It’s the time when you don’t have to explain to anyone the thing that you’re are doing, the thing that you are thinking or the thing that you would be doing next. It’s just you without any explanation.

I just love being in this state, not always but most of the time of the day. I had also gotta know that its one of the most important state one can be in. Most of the world leaders they do actually practice being in that state for higher productivity. For creative thinking, creative thinking this is one of the most important states where one can get the highest form of thoughts the original and the genuine form of thought which are not at all influenced by anything or anyone. Extroverts do find it unattractive bad and boring, dumb kind of things but for me, it’s one of the most blissful states.